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  • Locations for Second mule for majors and armor

    No outdoor locations found. This monster may only be found in dungeons?

    Map generated by Gawa Ibn Edwas of Solclaim, using cell.dat extraction by David Simpson's Dereth cartography, contributor Gandalf Zu'l Zoran - Solclaim. For a full version of the map, see

    3288 unique Monsters, killed 17084948 times.  626 unique Trophies, picked up 1839420 times.
    1095 unique users have killed 17084949 monsters and picked up 1839419 trophies

    Last update processed 1 records submitted by 1 users, included 3 kills, 0 trophies, and took 0.75 seconds.
    Last update was at 02:34 pm on Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 (Statistics are updated hourly, or whenever Johnus feels like it!)