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    Posted on 2007-02-03 20:26:00 by Johnus of Grey Death

    TH now available

    The only major change in this version was to use the networking code now used in PKHunter2 to avoid the plug-in "hanging" when doing uploads/downloads.

    Check the downloads page for the download information. As always, if you have issues, post on the google forum!!

    Top 10 Monsters, Trophies, and Players


    #Monster Deaths
    2Diseased Phyntos Wasp1005549
    4Ravenous Eater794917
    5Olthoi Swarm Eviscerator792170
    6Olthoi Warrior749004
    7Olthoi Slayer657389
    8Pestilence Rat624700
    9Tusker Sycophant525057
    10Olthoi Ripper463514


    #Trophy Drops
    1Tusker Spit523636
    2Pyre Shroud131810
    3Coalesced Aetheria79273
    4Sturdy Steel Key79268
    5Great Cave Penguin Egg72062
    6Coalesced Mana64164
    7Pyre Skeleton Jaw59379
    8Sturdy Iron Key53747
    9Olthoi Claw33621
    10Little Green Seeds32412


    #Player Kills
    1Sima Shi1902611
    2Jia Xu1332574
    3Jedi yoda984691
    6Child of Fire439184
    7Deng Ai351341

    3283 unique Monsters, killed 16306164 times.  626 unique Trophies, picked up 1775684 times.
    1091 unique users have killed 16306165 monsters and picked up 1775683 trophies

    Last update processed 5 records submitted by 1 users, included 102 kills, 11 trophies, and took 0.12 seconds.
    Last update was at 12:00 am on Sunday, Dec 4, 2016 (Statistics are updated hourly, or whenever Johnus feels like it!)